Dry Cleaning

We go to great lengths to make sure every different fabric is given the right treatment to keep it clean, fresh, colour-fast and longer lasting.

There are so many different garment styles, finishes, buttons and fastenings, let alone ribbing, linings, padding, beads and sequins. The wrong treatment can result in colour fading or bleeding, shrinkage, puckering and even crushed buttons.

Many manufacturers don’t attach care instructions to their garments which makes it even more important only to use a reputable and experienced dry cleaner.


Dinner/linen Suit £13.50
2 pc Suit £11.00
3 pc Suit £14.50
Coat FROM £10.50
FEATHER Coat FROM £19.99
SHIRT £5.00
Jacket/Blazer £8.50
Trousers/Jeans £5.50 - £7.00
Skirt FROM £5.50
Pleated Skirt £8.50
Blouse/Top £7.50
Jumper £5.00
Cardigan £7.50
Waist Coat £5.00
Tie/Bow Tie £4.99
Dress FROM £8.50
Evening Dress FROM £12.50
Scarf/Shawl £7.50
Body warmer FROM £12.50