Repairs & Alterations

Our experienced tailor is on hand to deal with any disaster or change in your circumstances like trouser shortening, waist band moving, zip replacing or seam stitching.

Please let us know if you have a particular requirement that’s not included on our price list.


Zip FROM £12.50
Shorten/Lengthen FROM £12.50
Waist In/Out FROM £12.50
Tapering FROM £17.50
New Half Pocket £10.00
New Full Pocket £12.50
Length Shortened FROM £20.00
Tapering FROM £20.00
Sleeves Shortened FROM £20.00
Sleeves Lengthened FROM £20.00
Zip FROM £25.00
Full Reline FROM £45.00
Waist In/Out FROM £15.00
Tapering FROM £15.00
Shortened FROM £15.00
Zip FROM £15.00
Curtains Shortened FROM £10.00 per meter
Curtains Lengthened FROM £10.00 per meter
Suede, Leather and Wedding Dress PLEASE CONTACT FOR DETAILS.