Specialist Garments

We go to great lengths to make sure those special garments are professionally cleaned and properly presented. Wedding dresses are cleaned and hand finished then folded in layers of acid-free tissue to prevent discolouration. And if you’ve got a dinner jacket, ball gown or special garment put away in the wardrobe, it needs to be clean and ready for the next time!

We also provide a suede, sheepskin and leather cleaning service for a range of garments and items.

our experienced cleaning team can restore these specialist garments with a professional cleaning and brushing service.


Wedding Dress FROM £49.99
Bridesmaid Dress FROM £25.00
Ball Gown / Prom Dress FROM £20.00
Christening Gown FROM £20.00
Leather, Suede & Sheep Skin FROM £25.00
Ugg Boots £25.00